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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in civic center plaza where people want answers in the bart involved shooting and today they may get them. good morning, i'm nick smith board of regents is expected to raise tuition by 9.6% for this semester. i'll have a live report. >> here is a look at moon and some of the clouds. drizzle is harder to fine find but it will be back in the forecast as early tomorrow. guess what is going to happen next weeks. want some heat. i've got it. >> and i'm sue hall. we've got an emergency situation in san jose with a sinkhole that will get you around that.
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more coming up. >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. today for the first time the full bart board will review findings in the bart shooting death of a man on a platform earlier this month. amy hollyfield is live at the civic center in san francisco where the shooting happened. >> bart is busy to o two fronts right now. looking into that shooting and dealing with protestors. protestors earlier this week shut down three bart stations in san francisco. they are trying bring attention to the latest shooting. bart is now promising that will never happen again. they plan to take zero tolerance approach to protestors. demonstrators have prompted there will be more action to bring more attention to the shooting death of charles hill. he was a transient who police say was drunk, confrontational and had two knives. they shot and killed him last week on the night of july the
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3rd. bart board will meet today and the general manager will give a report on the shooting, it will be the first time we'll hear from the general manager on this. the shooting is being advised by four different bodies, plenty of people will be listening today, especially the protestors who are questioning whether charles hill had to die. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." thanks very much. cal states university officials have done it and now u.c. regents are set to do it. set to approve a second tuition increase. nick smith joins us live from u.c. where the regents are meeting this morning. >> if you look over my shoulder you can see the barricades in place we are expecting protestors to push back this 9.6% tuition increase they are expected to pass that today. the university california board of regents is expected to
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improve 9.6% increase in tuition this is in addition to an 8% fee hike already scheduled to take effect in fall. it will cost students $1900 more than last year and bring undergrad tuition just under $12,000 a year. that doesn't include room and board and campus fees. that would make it $31,000 a year for tuition as an undergrad. yesterday, students addressing the regents at their meeting says families have not been given enough warning which would approximately $1068 and express a particular concern for middle income students that may not be eligible for financial aid. dozens of workers and supporters held a vigil. they want regents to consider executive raises and avoid balancing the budgets on the
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backs of students. they are trying offset a $150 million cut when a plan to extend taxes failed to get republican vote. barricades are in place because we do know the board of regents is expected to meet today at 8:30 where they also expected to pass that tuition increase. we're live in mission bay, nick smith, abc-7 news. >> las vegas police have arrested the man girlfriend the g ra rasmt they have called her a person of interest. they have not been able to who locate her until she was arrested last week on when she what is charged with trafficking methamphetamine. giovanni ramirez is serving ten
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months in prison for violating his parole. stow is recovering from severe brain injuries. they say he opened his mouth on monday when a nurse told him she had to take his temperature. >> seven missing fisherman off the waters of baja california are asking barrier lawmakers for help. they want the u.s. to do more after the search was called off on tuesday. some of the families are trying to raise money for a private search. yesterday families paid their last respects to one of the fisher men that died in the tragedy. the jaycee dugard kidnapping case is raising serious questions about sex offenders and the way they are released from prison. under the current system, they would not be classified as a
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high risk offender. and because garrido was not molesting boys he would be considering a moderate risk based on the system. >> he did not obtain enough points to say that he was a severe resaid visited someone that might do it again. >> the risk and danger of failing and letting somebody back in society is too great. with somebody like him we shouldn't do it. >> using the current systems, garrido would still be classified as a moderate risk and into the high risk. he is now in prison for life so it won't impact his release but it will affect when many other sex offenders will be let out. >> a rip tide swept several teenagers out to sea. they lifted them from the rocks at muir muir beach last night. a wave pulled them out to the
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choppy waters. two of the teenagers were able to make it back to shore. good samaritan helped the stranded girl. >> the united states women will play japan trying to win the first world cup since they last one the title in 1999. u.s. women beat france to advance to the finals. sunday's game will be shown on a big screen tv at san francisco's civic center plaza. agreed big crowd was there to cheer for the team. >> i love it and it's really exciting to be out. >> sunday's viewing party is free and could it be. will we have a brandi moment. that would be awesome. >> that was the highest rated women's soccer rating ever.
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we'll see what happens on sunday possibly the biggest ever. look at you, full of facts and knowledge. >> i need that nor mike nicco. mr. moon shine we call him. >> it's like watching the women play more. it seems like more pure soccer. that is my opinion. give my opinion on the weather forecast. did he really say that? [ laughter ] >> i just can't stand it when the guys stand up and try to run again. can't stand it. >> clouds are not as plef lent the cold front change the air mass. but it is breezy. look at the winds out of the west gusting around 23 miles an hour. 15 at oakland, 18 at hayward. 26 at concord and southwest wind. 15 at fairfield. if you are driving in sacramento
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nice tail wind. the temperatures are in the low to upper 50s, 50 in santa rosa and 57 in san jose. we'll be in the 70s in inland valleys, if you tie to see more sunshine but not bad around the bay area. mid to upper 50s, near 60 around the coast. we're starting off cooler and those cool breezes will keep the free air-conditioning going. 54 in monterey. morgan hill at 76. accu-weather seven-day forecast, more cooler than average afternoons through sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures will be back to average. >> traffic is not so good in san jose. we've got an emergency situation on highway 87. guadalupe parkway, 30 foot sinkhole and emergency crews are trying to get it repaired by noon. right lane is closed between 280 and alma. alma off ramp is also closed.
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how to get around this. almaden expressway or byrd avenue off-ramp. we've got a live shot of 87, doesn't seem to be an issue but it will be if they don't get cleaned up rapidly. >> san rafael, resurfacing project heading to central san rafael. >> 10 an 5:00 right now. >> more for a taste for fine art. why a thief had to explain. >> and one of the most dangerous city blocks in san francisco, what neighbors uncovered when they dug through police records. >> its crime that left a harden new yorker shaken. what they are revealing about the mumumumumu
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, topping america's money, more pressure on the white house debt talks, raising the debt limit, mood disfinancial service say it may downgrade the topnotch credit rating. ben bernanke says the central bank is ready to step in if the economy gets weaker but he told the house committee he expects to strengthen this year. >> harry potter movie is going to open midnight tonight, has sold $32 million in tickets. there is trouble brewing in
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minnesota for beer drinkers thanks to the government shut down there. brewing giant miller and coors have expired and the renewals have been laid off. they may have to remove it from store shelves. the killing of an 8-year-old boy in new york city has shocked the entire community and the nation. he was walking home alone from day camp for the first time on monday and disappeared a search led him to a brooklyn home of a man seen on surveillance video with young child. they found severed body parts wrapped in plastic in his refrigerator. a 35-year-old man faces second-degree murder charges in the case. >> a firestorm of controversy in marin county where there is a
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plan to build a glass enclosure in juvenile court. the idea is to build a glass box and speakers and microphone where all juvenile suspects will be seed with their attorneys. 15 defense attorneys have signed a letter of protest. placing a juvenile glass box could suggest guilt to a judge and treat the juveniles like animals. plant may be a way to save money by eliminating the need for a bailiff in the courtroom. >> tenderloin is toughest neighborhood but crime is more rampant on one particular street. residents of turk near market says drug deals and assaults are ram pat pant. it's 35% higher than the rest of the city and 8 times higher than the rest of tenderloin. >> i have seen people pull up in station wagons and unload drug dealers. they not living in the
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neighborhood. >> neighbors say they wanted to see more officers on the street but the tenderloin police station has lost almost 30% of its force in the last few years. >> the man accused of stealing a picasso from a san francisco art gallery has other high end tastes. he was arrested last week for stealing the drawing, now we're learning he is charged with stealing $6,000 worth of wine from a liquor store in new jersey back in april. security cameras caught him on video as he left the store. he is accused of taking three bottles of wine worth $2,000 each. lugo is set to appeal on the art theft charges tomorrow. >> jet blue says it's sold out of an offer for helping people in los angeles. a heavily used stretch of 405 will be shutting down and they are bracing for traffic jams on other highways in l.a.
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jet blue offered four dollar flights between the long beach and long beach and burbank. the tickets were snapped up in a matter of hours. >> and here they are promoting this app which they said palo alto to get them through that, a company that gets you through moment to moment obstacles, which way to go. promoting that down in l.a., get around the palo alto based app. >> northern california is helping socal once again. >> and they want to leave us. >> no, they don't. >> i have to see, we'll take your weather though. southern california heat wouldn't be bad.
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>> and my microphone fell. >> it was the spandex. >> got it. jesus, having a rough morning this morning, sorry about that. hides the 100 silk. not really. it's probably a marshal special. there you go. >> good morning we're looking to the southeast from roof. you see breakthrough in the clouds, you are thinking less cloud cover and warmer today. that would be a good reasonable deduction but it will temper the sunshine. talk about the temperatures, 50 in santa rosa to about 57 in oakland and also san jose to 58 in mountain view the warm spot. around monterey bay we have more clouds and even inland, 52 in gilroy and inland, to 52 in santa cruz and 57 in salinas.
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height lights, it will be cool this afternoon, mostly cloudy and more clouds and more widespread drizzle. there is a little bit of drizzle out this morning but not much. warming trend begins next week. we'll get the temperatures back to average. for today, santa rosa, 1 degree cooler, concord, fremont, san francisco all the same, 1-2 degrees cooler. highs for today, upper 50s sunnyvale, mill pitas. 62 in millbrae. mid to upper 60s around the peninsula. mid to upper 60s around the coast. upper 60s to mid-70s from south to north and in the north bay valleys. from north to south on the east bear shore, low to upper 50s. low to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. same thing for santa cruz, morgan hill and gilroy and hollister, a little cooler, mid to upper 50s to even a 62 around carmel and pacific grove.
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tonight cloud cover will be back the higher elevations along the coast and into the east bay hills. we pretty much have the same jetstream. same area of low pressure sitting there even though it's pulling up away from us it's still dragging down this cool weather and temperatures will be below average, clouds and afternoon sunshine. when you started to see less cloud cover in the morning that is when you know the warmer weather is on the way. we'll start monday and hang around tuesday and wednesday. we've got an update for you. san jose where there is a big sinkhole, 30 foot by 30 foot sinkhole on the guadalupe parkway, emergency road work has the right lane closed between 280 to alma. alma off rant are closed and they are hoped to have repairs wrapped up by afternoon. almaden expressway or byrd
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off-ramp. it's getting bunched up toward the 24 junction, bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights remain off and traffic is flowing well into san francisco. for all the latest including carmageddon in los angeles, we'll have the latest. >> that a snappy word. >> carmageddon. >> 5:21. >> it's the smell that one east bay neighborhood can't shake. the expected culprit says they blame for the offensive stench. >> and why we're seeing a fewer of these in our gardens.
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and east bay sewage plant is disputing complaints from point richmond residents that the smell of rotting eggs have returned to their neighborhood. they complained when the smelling. residents reported breathing problems. they took the waste to another location. new odors could be caused by the transportation of the waste. >> it doesn't smell good or smells like waste. it smells like sewer. >> it's a different smell. sewage is unique. i've smelled it off and on for so many years i think i can identify it. >> in a statement the plant operators say, quote, there is no data to support the recent assertion that odors are originating from the plant. a bay area biologist is asking for your help to find out
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why the bee population is declining. they have launched a project as part of it they are asking 15 minutes this saturday and counted the bees in their backyard. >> we notice they have been declining. by sampling your backyard you can find out how the bee community is doing in your yard and contribute to us understanding what is happening both locally and regionally. nearly 3,000 people locally have signed up for the bee count. if you would like to get involved go to our website at and click on see it on tv. it would be difficult to count them buzzing around you count the same one twice. >> you don't want to disturb them. just do it carefully. >> next at 5:30, billions california may be forced to borrow if washington can't get it back together. >> bart riders say they are
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losing faith in bart officials but they will be paying attention to the events of today. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll explain coming up. >> and next at 5:30, a dramatic rescue on the marin county coast a summer outing turns into a fight for life along a popular beach. >> most of the country is experiencing a cooling trend, except for oklahoma and texas, hot over hundred degrees once again. phoenix 104 and nice in portland 71 and st. louis about 88 degrees and we do have flight departure delays out of baltimore. all of our major airports are running on time. running on time. go to flight tracker at
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i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where bart riders want answers about the bart officer-involved shooting but
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some question whether they'll ever hear the truth. >> a dramatic turn after a group of teenagers are caught in a rip tide in marin county. one is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> live look from mount tamalpais this morning. you can see a break in the clouds. winds are pretty breezy and keep us cooler than average. a warming trend next week. >> i'm sue hall, emergency road repair work at guadalupe parkway and more details coming up. san jose police meet with members of the latino community to address mounting tensions latinos say they will stop cooperating with the police until they get rid of two homeland security agents working in the department. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> bart board of directors will receive the first report on the fatal shooting of a man on the
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civic center bart station this month. they are definitely interested what the general manager has to say. they have a lot of questions about this shooting. hundred people protested earlier this week. they came together to demonstrate against this shooting. their questions include why couldn't the man have been subdued with a taser or shot in the leg or arm rather than killed. charles hill was drunk, aggressive and armed with two knives on the night of july 3rd when they shot him at civic center station. today will be the first time we hear a report about this shooting and should come from the general manager. some riders don't have a lot of faith in bart officials right now. >> i understand what is going on, but i didn't make me feel comfortable. people that have to take bart, i can't see where the confidence
5:31 am
level that they are going to be able to maintain order. bart has made changes since the 2009 shooting death of oscar grant. he was shot in the back while lying face down on the platform of the fruitvale station. officers have had more training and there is new layers of accountability and review board that will looking look into this shooting. it will take a while for all the investigation, there are four of them to wrap up. all the investigations into the shooting but today is the first time we'll hear a report from the general manager. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, have this th. in san jose some members of the latino community say they don't trust the police and are afraid to call for help. they met with the police chief during a community meeting and told them about distrust. many latinos are now threatening to stop working with police as inform ants or witnesses unless
5:32 am
the police chief gets rid of two homeland security agents that work under the department of immigration. the chief says he needs the community help especially sings there has been 28 homicides this year, half of which is began gang-related. >> we have a community that already fearful of the police department, many of them are undocumented immigrants. we feel it was a step backwards. >> immigration is not what we do and they i wouldn't allow that. >> groups will talk about the next step to take which include possibly boycotting the police department. >> a body found floating near a san jose golf course is yet to be identified. mercury news reports a fisherman found the body floating in the coyote creek near capital expressway about 5:00 yesterday evening. >> marin county girl is in the
5:33 am
hospital fighting for her life after a rip tide swept her out to sea. they lifted the unconscious 17-year-old from the rocks of muir beach around 7:15. it started before 6:00 last night when the teens were walking on the beach and wave overkom came them. the two others were taken to the hospital for observation. the coastguard, chp and marin county firefighters and park police took parts in the rescue. >> the u.c. board of regents is set to vote on raising tuition in the third straight day will meet. students could face a $1,000 tuition increase for the fall semester. it comes after a series of recent increases. this comes after the new stayed budget cut $150 million more from university funding. tuition and fees for undergraduate students would top $13,000 for the coming year. >> california treasure says he
5:34 am
may have to borrow as much as $5 billion for the state in case the federal government misses its august 7 deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the state has contingency plans if the government ge faults on obligations it could shortchange education and it's not clear how much it will cost taxpayers. he is looking to secure a good interest rate. >> congressional leaders are expected to meet with president obama again at the white house today, sources from both parties say yesterday's two hour session was the most tense yet and very heated. president obama got into a big exchange with eric cantor and the president rejected republican demands that he accept a short term extension of the government's borrowing authority. it's causing mood discredit agency to consider a downgrade to the credit rating.
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>> for the first time this week, there was no need of windshield weather was nice with a big moon up there. >> big moon. gorgeous and that does mean drier. >> not as much drizzle around this morning but it's still out there in some areas. it's not nearly as widespread and we've seen breaks in the cloud cover that will continue into the afternoon hours. for more sunshine in forecast and drier air comes down the jetstream but still coming off the cool ocean water. we'll be well below average. 23 miles an hour at sfo. 18 at half moon bay to 26 in concord. 15 in fairfield and oakland. calm in santa rosa, only west wind around 6 in san jose. as far as what is going to happen this morning, you can see without the clouds we're definitely cooler everywhere. oakland and half moon bay, everybody else 2-8 degrees
5:36 am
cooler. we're starting lower and breeze that will temper the extra sunshine we get this afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s at 8:00 this morning. as we head into your lunch hour, notice everybody has sunshine except for the coast and temperatures are showing up to the mid to upper 50s. clouds will be back at the coast. temperatures in the 60s around the bay. 50s along the coast and 70s inland. seven-day forecast, a slight warming trend saturday and sunday but noticed the warmer weather monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> we have a situation in san jose where the road buckled on the guadalupe parkway, 87 southbound between 280 and alma. we've got a stretch where only one lane is available. right lane is blocked off. emergency crews are on the scene. alternate routes would be the almadin expressway or take the
5:37 am
byrd off-ramp. live shot in san jose, it looks like it's getting by just fine. san rafael, earlier road work, i think they are still out there in the northbound direction trying to get the road stur sur fast and ongoing and. california is dealing with a particular type of teacher shortage. still ahead the innovative program that helping the unemployed get a new career in the classroom. >> it may be moving into two bay area communities that would
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, sue hall in the traffic center. we've got a sinkhole in san jose southbound 87, right lane will be blocked off, when they get that fixed between 280 and alma until 12:00 noon today. >> a lot more coming on that coming up. speculation is swirling in the east bay about walmart may be moving into new retail territory with plans to open up two stand-alone grocery stores. both pleasanton and hayward have received permit plans, in pleasanton one document lists
5:41 am
walmart and another lists an architecture firm that has done work for them. a grocery store with a pharmacy and bakery. walmart says it has nothing to announce right now. >> in the tough economy, one group of teachers in great demand. those that specialize in math and science. as babyboomers retire. california will need more than 30,000 teachers over the next ten years. education reporter lyanne melendez looks at what is needed to meet the demand. >> he has worked at retail and a consultant firm. now, he hopes to be a good math teacher. realizing that math is just not math, it grows into science and other subjects and tha uses math as strong foundation. >> she is training one month of intense preparation of aspired
5:42 am
residency teacher program. they will spend one year shadowing a veteran teacher operating in low income communities in california. while working on their kre deny rnls. >> middle cool and high school we have high demand to have highly qualified teachers who understand the subjects and also understand how to teach it well. >> the obama administration has called on nonprofits like aspire to recruit more science, technology and engineering teachers in public schools. another organization, california teacher corps has placed 1200 math and science teachers throughout california and they have vowed to place another 2500 by the year 2015. at the spite these efforts the state is expected to fall short of meeting the demand for math and science teachers. schools want to attract more
5:43 am
career changers like her. netflix customers are giving the company an earful. >> and major victory that the war on smoking is claiming this morning. >> and he was accused of sharing america's secrets. now, they are sharing his. >> and effort to make san francisco's busiest shopping district a little more relaxing. >> and fashion statement by giant's closer brian wilson made that turned a lot of heads at last night's espy
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welcome back. live look at 7 hd. few radar returns up around the oregon border. if we see any showers, that would be the areas like yesterday. more sunshine along the coast. 50 in eureka and low to mid-70s around san diego and l.a. throw mid on 80s and sacramento 87 and tahoe, 71 and palm springs only 97 today only, thanks, mike. taking a look at stories we are following this morning, u.c. board of regents are set to
5:47 am
approve a one thousand dollar increase for the fall semester. this morning ace vote comes after the new state budget cut $150 million more from university funding. >> today they will review the findings of a bart police shooting death. investigators say the suspect was aggressive and had knives. las vegas police have arrested the girlfriend of giovanni ramirez on drug charges. he is the man suspected of beating bryan stow. police say she is a person of interest in the stow investigation. ramirez is still remains in jail and stow remains in hospital. conversations of the man accused of leaking documents from wikileaks. first time we're getting a possible motive behind the top
5:48 am
secret leak. >> identifying himself with the user name brad s. 87, bradley man everything i've had an unusual and stressful experience over the last decade or so. yes, questioned by gender for several years, sexual orientation was easy to figure out but i started to come to terms with it during the first few months of my deployment. they said they withheld manning's personal revelations for more than a year but released them after new york magazine published the same information first. manning rites writes, i got myself into minor trouble revealing my gender identity which is causing me to lose this job and putting me in an awkward limbo. julian assange has denied any involvement with manning but manning says it took me four months to confirm it was
5:49 am
assange. he offered me a position in wikileaks but i'm not interested it in right on now. >> his treatment in army could give prosecutors a reason for a motive to give away classified documents. he is facing two dozen charges. former alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate sarah palin has made an announce announcement. he will decided if she will run for the white house in late august or early september. she says she can win a campaign against president obama and if she doesn't run she would campaign for a candidate with good executive experience. she doesn't see the candidate in the republican field right now. tonight the giants are back, continuing the second half of the season in san diego following the all-star break. last night's closure brian wilson took another opportunity to take center stage after getting the final two outs on
5:50 am
tuesday. there were a few more access besides the beard with a spandex. >> i have the orange and appropriate bow tie. it's built in gloves and a little dirty because i'm getting awkward on the carpet and i got this. >> it looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. [ laughter ] i'm sorry to tease you brian, it's obvious you hate attention. [ laughter ] >> that got a lot. no word on who designed the spandex tuxedo. it's got to mob more comfortable. >> i feel comfortable with him using the word. >> all the information you wanted right here at abc7.
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>> and some that you don't want. >> mike wants to do weather really bad right now. >> okay. let's go outside and show you what is going on. you guys are great. i'm glad he is on our team. if he's on your team, you adore him. looking back from emeryville, breaks in the cloud cover, hard to find much drizzle but patches of it this morning and because of the clouds breaking up we won't have flight arrival delays into sfo. we'll keep an eye on it flight tracker at the bottom of the front page. talk about how much cooler, 2-8 degrees cooler because of the clouds breaking up allowing the heat to escape during the overnight hours, 50 in santa rosa, up to 57 in oakland and mountain view. we have mainly cloudy conditions around the monterey bay and inland. low to upper 50s in your
5:52 am
neighborhoods, also still cool breeze coming off the ocean. think we'll see more clouds tonight and more widespread drizzle will develop. warming trend we still have it it's in the forecast for next week. >> for today, oakland is going to be 8 degrees cooler than average. san francisco the same. napa and san jose 11. redwood city and livermore, 15-16 degrees cooler than what we should be for july 14th. sunrise, you may see it in the next seven minutes or so. sunset at 8:32. start in the east bay, low 70s throughout the san ramon valley and highway 4 corridor, that will be the warmest, nationwide upper 70s. east bay shore, south on the north side with richmond recess and 55 down to the south fremont even castro will be the warmest the 68. 68 is cool as wrote get in the south bay, everybody else in the
5:53 am
low to mid-70s. san jose at 72 degrees. peninsula cool spot, millbrae at 62. southward we have mid to upper 60s. 58 in half moon bay pacifica and daly city at 56. 58 in the sunset, upper 50s san rafael and vallejo and low to mid 70s for the rest of the valleys. mid you were to a 50s for the rest of the monterey bay to salinas. you can see the higher elevations of the east bay hills and drizzle and temperatures in upper 50s, maybe 49 around santa rosa. low is still parked here and you see the winds coming down in alaska and that is why it's going to be cooler than average. this system does not move to at least sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures could be 10-15 degrees warmer than today. good morning. we're going back to san jose,
5:54 am
guadalupe parkway, there has been a road buckling and it actually buckled and two feet deep and 30 by 30 wide. it's a rather large sinkhole between 280 and alma. right there at virginia overcrossing. emergency crews are there trying to get it fixed by 12:00 noon today. alma off-ramp is also closed. alternate routes, almaden expressway or the byrd off ramp from 280. >> this is headed towards the bay bridge and the maze. macarthur maze, 80 westbound, sluggish but moving as we get to the toll plaza, metering lights are off. no delays there. for all the latest go to and click on bay area traffic. thanks very much. it's 5:54. >> mike is excited about this one, harry potter bringing a new
5:55 am
dimension, 3-d release. >> here is jane king with bloomberg business report. >> we could be looking at second best box office results, harry potter to take down $163 million first film to be shown completely in 3-d helping set the stage for higher ticket prices. dark knight hold the best open every. moody's threatened to cut the rate on the u.s. debt and to put new ratings on review for cuts. it's been rated triple 1678 since 1917 and it could be a sharp rise in interest rates. u.s. moved closer to default. netflex companies gives got an earful.
5:56 am
complaining a price hike. making taking out films from the library more attractive. at the new york stock exchange, with the bloomberg business report. >> the number of adults that smoke in california is down to a record low. smoking rate for adults has dropped to 11.9%, that is 50% decline when the tobacco tax initiative went in. it put a tax on every pack of cigarettes in the united states. smoking rates have gone down for men and women. >> one of san francisco's most crowded streets has breathing room this morning, the city has replaced parking spots on powell street and union square with sidewalk extensions. it creates more walking space but gives people a chance to stop and without blocking
5:57 am
anyone. >> there are benches, there is landscaping. there is tables people can stop and have some coffee. >> an estimated 100,000 people con century on powell street near the cable car turnaround most weekends. free wi-fi is being offered and have your coffee and get on your laptop and have at it. 5:57. just ahead at 6:00, drastic measures, find out how much one barrier woman is ready to go to get neighborhood dog owners to clean up after their pet. >> and person of interest in the by store beating who has been found in a las vegas jail. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating wle grain oats can help lower my cholesterol.
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it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lowe our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announc ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.


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